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Immunity Building Progam*

Immunity for Colds* - Here are some guidelines to improve your resistance against common cold

Vitamin C - Take 500mg~1000mg of the supplement daily, during cold/flu seasons. Note: Avoid Vitamin C if menstruating or have diarrhea or similar symptoms.
 Influenzinum 30c - Take homeopathic remedy 2~3 pellets once every month during the cold/flu seaons (fall/winter and early spring months) for resistance. This works very well, and you will be surpised.

            Take additional dose every week, if you have been exposed to someone affected by cold/flu nearby.

Echinacea - Take the herbal supplement daily when affected by colds/flu
Yin Chiao - Take the Chinese herbal supplement daily when affected by colds/flu



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Natural Remedy for diarrhea


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