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Alternative natural treatments - Tips for a healthy body, mind and soul

To reduce diarrhea* - Take a pinch (just very little flakes of nutmeg), white/yellow inner skin of pomegranate, mix with little warm water and drink 3 times a day. This will help reduce diarrhea and is usually very effective Consult your physician.

Take also lacto bacillus or Acidophillus probiotic drink/tablet as per directions. This helps build good bacteria to strengthen the digestion and correct the diarrhea. This is very important. 

If the above is not available available, then just take a few teaspoons of butter milk, or 1/4 cup of water mixed with 1-2 tspns of yogurt. (not the sweet yogurt, but plain yogurt). Repeat every hour for several times a day. Some stores sell single serving size of active bacteria yogurt as well. This is also good. 

Avoid all RAW foods such as raw veggies, fruits, nuts etc during diarrhea attack. This is very important. Raw foods tend to aggravate the stomach and intestine during a diarrhea or upset stomach. Take only cooked warm food during such times.

Avoid products made with yeast such as bread, pastry, alcohol (such as beer etc)

Take an electrolyte such as pedialyte and of course consult your physician. 

Building immunity. 

    Health conditions such as cancer and autoimmune disorders (arthritis etc) can benefit from     greater immunity*


Take a pinch a turmeric powder (yellow color turmeric root) and a pinch of fresh black pepper and stir them well for 30seconds in 1/2 cup of warm water or milk


           Drink the mixture daily twice once after you wake up, and once before you go to bed.


           This will build the immunity of the body and increase resistance to effects of carcinogens which

           causes or triggers cancer. Is also useful to raise immunity to those already affected by health        conditions


Include bitter melon (pavakkai) in your diet. This has good anti-carcinogenic properties

Diet changes to raise immunity and detox the liver

Health conditions such as cancer and autoimmune disorders (arthritis etc) can benefit from a stronger liver and enhanced immunity*

Recommendation to improve your liver health

 Drink freshly prepared organic fruit juice (made at your home with a juicer) with 1/4 teaspoon castor oil every morning in empty stomach without ice
Go on a saltless diet or reduce the salt intake as much as possible. 

                    Definitely need to avoid / reduce processed food (canned, ready to eat frozen foods, instant noodles etc) as they are loaded with sodium (part ingredient of common salt). 

 Increase potassium intake

                  potatoes (baked or mashed, avoid fried potatoes such as french fries etc)



                 coconut juice



                are loaded with potassium and very low in sodium

Reduce meat intake

                Especially at night and mornings.

                Limit to organically raised meat in small amounts

Switch to organic foods

                Conventionally grown produce (fruits/vegetables) is usually sprayed with pesticides. Even trace amounts of pesticides have a strong effect on the organs of the body.

               Chemical fertilizers are used in growing conventional produce, tend to increase the sodium content in them and decrease potassium content. Use of organic foods which has a high potassium and low sodium is very beneficial to the body.

               Conventional meats are often injected with antibiotics, hormones, salt etc

               Conventional foods may be genetically modified. Also they may be irradiated which destroy the live enzymes in them. 

              The use of ORGANIC foods avoids all the above problems and the benefits far out weigh the extra cost

Reduce sugar intake

                Especially avoid corn syrup and reduce refined white sugar. Avoid sodas, chocolates and any drink with more than 15 gm of sugar in it.

                Use raw cane sugar. Stevia drops/powder can be used as sweetener who have insulin related issues.                  

Avoid trans fats

                Partially hydrogenated and modifed oils/fats must be reduced or avoided

                Substitute weaker oils such as refined/processed sunflower, saffola, corn and cotton / linseed oil with good quality highly stable:

                        organic olive oil (or)

                        organic coconut oil (or)

                        palm oil (not hydrogenated or modified)

                 The use of ghee (clarified butter made by heating butter in high heat for few minutes and simmering in low heat for 20-30 minutes and filtering) has excellent health benefits even though it is high in saturated fat. (only hydrogenated or modified saturated fat such as margarine etc., which is loaded with trans fat is bad). Ghee is a medicine in Ayurveda and has been used by the people in Indian sub-continent for ages to improve health and brain function.

Cancer * - Did you know cancer is a fungus and can be treated with just baking soda just like you remove fungus in your refrigerator with sodium bicarbonate (chemical name of baking soda) according to an Italian Dr. Simoncini.

    Italian Dr. Simoncini natural cancer therapy treat cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate


Fertility support & enhancement *

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*The statements have been given by various sources and this website is not in any way suggesting any medical advice or treatments. 

* All recommendations are for supporting proper immunity and organ function (through dietary supplements or diet changes) which is needed for a healthy body to recover from compromised health status.



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