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* Fertility support & enhancement: 

Health practices to improve your body for stronger fertility in women* (decrease infertility)

No. 1: Restore Normal weight: 

    Weight it is one of the main factors that aids or hinders fertility indirectly. If you are planning to become pregnant or having problems conceiving, first thing to consider is correcting your body weight. This may sound too simple or naive but usually this is the most common reason. 

An overweight women impedes the normal menstrual cycle, hormonal balance etc decreasing the chances of fertility several times. (This may not apply to all women, as there are exceptions, but only a general guideline. E.g. A person who has been overweight for many years may be okay, but  for a woman who has been in the normal weight range and has put on weight might have difficulty conceiving)

* Always first consult your physician regarding fertility. These statements made here are just guidelines from various reliable sources for general improvement for your body which may aid fertility.

No. 2: Ayurvedic Oil body massage:

    Panchakarma is a process of elimination of toxins from the body and building the vital force of the body to get rid of many of the hinderances  to restore normal health. This mainly includes very technical body massage with specific herbs and oils to be done only by experienced and professional Ayurvedic practitioners. 

         For more infomation visit the page on Ayurvedic massage and treatments

No. 3: Do not time your ovulation cycle

    Often women time their ovulation cycle to maximize the chances of pregnancy. This sounds logical and the right thing to do. There are various kits costing a lot of money to time your ovulation.

This may be okay with women who are trying to conceive for the first time or do not have any major problems with their fertility.

But is not effective in women trying to conceive who have fertility issues or have been trying to conceive for quite sometime and are unsuccessful. The reason being, just the process of keeping track of the ovulation and timing stresses the body/mind and this can actually be counter productive. Even if you are consciously trying to be okay, sub consciously you will likely be stressed with tracking the ovulation. The person needs to be relaxed and not stressed to maximize the chances of pregnancy. 

Its best not to think about the ovulation too much and be normal as a women would try to conceive without any fertility issues. This may sound contradictory, but is quite effective. It may take some time to conceive, but the chances are higher when not thinking/tracking the menstrual cycle/ovulation, versus trying to time the peak ovulation day and actually being unsuccessful in the long run. This is definitely worth it. Do not rush in getting pregnant.

No. 4:  Medical treatments - Modern and alternative therapies

There are variety of modern treatments for fertility. For many people it works and is quite cost effective. But if it does not work in the long run, then alternative treatments are usually quite effective, which does not mean, that you should not try modern treatments first. Alternative therapies can be tried even in the beginning and is often more easier to treat and effective than later when you are stressed out. 

Some of most effective alternative therapies for fertility issues are:

No.1 Alternative Therapy: Homeopathy

No.2 Alternative Therapy: Ayurvedic Treatment 

WOMEN: Simple Ayurvedic herbs for women to enhance fertility:

Take the following herbs daily or at least thrice a week for several months:

Shatavari Powder:  1 capsule or 300 - 500 mg (1/4 teaspoon) very important

Pomegranate rind/skin powder: 1/4 teaspoon of  (white skin inside promeganate between the seeds. Its  okay to eat the seeds as well, but the sink is more effective). Alternatively you can eat the fruit itself but the powder is easy to take as a pill

Red Banana: 1 red banana daily for 60 days (this is optional, but helps if you can get red banana locally)

1 capsule or 300mg of triphala powder (Note: Skip on days when you are menstruating) 

MEN: Simple Ayurvedic herbs for men to improve virility and sperm strength:

Take the following herbs daily or at least thrice a week for several months:

Aswagandha powder: 1 capsule or 300 - 500mg, very imporant

Velvet bean or mucuna pruriens powder: 1 capsule or 300 - 500mg  

CAUITON:  VERY IMPORTANT: MORE IS NOT NECESSARILY BETTER. Take only the indicated dosage of the herbs. For e.g take only 300mg to 500mg of the herbs mentioned. It might logically sound right to take more to get quicker and better benefits. But that is not true in Ayurvedic or homeopathic treatment, rather quite the contrary. Increasing the quantity or dose of the herb can counter the beneficial effects. Its okay to deviate from the recommendation  little bit. i.e taking 600mg instead of 500mg is okay. But do not take 5000mg or increase dose by repeating several times a day. It is definitely not recommended will often be counter productive.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*The statements have been given by various sources and this website is not in any way suggesting any medical advice or treatments. 

* All recommendations are for supporting proper immunity and organ function (through dietary supplements or diet changes) which is needed for a healthy body to recover from compromised health status.


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